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About Us

Together, we transform what you presently love with the new 
into something exciting.
I have over 20 years experience in the services I provide and have a natural eye for blending colors with your personality.
I can provide you with more peaceful and productive surroundings so your time can be better spent
your life and/or your career!​
Redesigning your place and space is what I do and I do it with a passion unequaled!
Designing Services for Home, Business & Office





Designing Services with personal creativity

I respond to my clients with a wide artistic vision

ranging from HGTV's David Bromstad's

fun and edgy view of design


as well as


HGTV's Joanna Gaines' comfortable blend of organic elements from Fixer Upper.

I am

Jacquie Evans

and I can give you a

fresh new look on life!


We deliver beautiful, creative design and remodel that is certain to capture the attention of it soft and gentle or crisp and minimalistic.  


Redesigning Places 'n Spaces can transform any room, residential environment, office, or business (we also relocate offices and businesses) with our artistic approach to deliver immaculate results on time and on budget. We care about the environment and work diligently to hand select only the most environmentally friendly materials for your interior design whenever possible.


Redesigning Places 'n Spaces is owned and operated by designer Jacquie Evans. Our crews consist of outstanding licensed contractors with A+ ratings to complete your project with outstanding quality and excellence. 


Innovative and unique design concepts are what you can always come to expect when hiring Redesigning Places 'n Spaces for your next interior design or remodel project. Currently, we service customers from coast to coast on any continent with our virtual consulting services.


Take a look at our Estate Management Services for those too busy or too far to manage as executors of estates.





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