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About Us

Together, we transform what you presently love with the new 
into something exciting.
I have over 20 years experience in the services I provide and have a natural eye for blending colors with your personality.
I can provide you with more peaceful and productive surroundings so your time can be better spent
your life and/or your career!​
Redesigning your place and space is what I do and I do it with a passion unequaled!
Designing Services for Home, Business & Office
Designing Services with personal creativity

I respond to my clients in the mode of

HGTV's David Bromstad and  

HGTV's Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper.

I am

Jacquie Evans

and I can give you a

fresh new look on life!



David and me in 2011

Marilou Edwards, Tourism Director of the Lexington Tourism Bureau said:


“Jacquie came to our small community on several occasions to assist and direct our fledgling tourism business. Her direction was right on target. The advice she gave to shop owners increased their walk-ins, recommendations for curb-appeal and over-all dressing up the downtown area was exactly what we needed. She listened to what we wanted and then delivered. (Jacquie is the best listener I have ever met.) Jacquie knows how to put together a tourism development plan and then take it to the next step and move it over the top. 'Wrap it in a big red bow,' as Jacquie would say. Something I have never forgotten.”                                                              

Results:​  Six months after Jacquie's first workshop, $200K was raised benefiting the restoration of historic downtown retail district.  Within months of Jacquie's Step On Guide Training, Lexington enjoyed the revenue of 89 motor coaches = 3,560 people and an estimated revenue of $712,000.  (...and that was just in group revenue.)


It all begins with the visuals!



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