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Terms & Conditions




The Classic




  • A virtual one hour session per day - minimum.


  • Six (6) sessions.




  • Consultation for continuity throughout your place/space deal for -

    • Small-midsize redesigning.

    • Down-sizing space planning.


I will personally guide you and/or your team in the placement of furniture, wall hangings, etc.



  • $600



  • All programs include UNLIMITED texting.

  • All programs are followed with color & finish recommendations per room/wall when applicable.

  • All programs include purchase recommendations when applicable with online links for client's convenience.



I hereby agree to the terms and conditions for The Classic Consulting Agreement of virtual one-hour sessions with the CONSULTANT of Redesigning Places 'n Spaces (RPS) by making my secure payment below. 


I understand RPS is in no way responsible for any breakage that might occur under CONSULTANT'S instructions, guidance and recommendations nor is CONSULTANT liable for any injuries occurring during the consultations.


I understand as a condition of and in consideration for this Agreement, CONSULTANT agrees that all information disclosed by CLIENT or developed by CONSULTANT pursuant to the terms of this Agreement will be held and treated by CONSULTANT in strict confidence and will not, without the prior written consent of CLIENT, be disclosed, revealed or used by CONSULTANT other than in connection with the performance of CONSULTANT's duties under this Agreement. 


I understand this agreement is non-transferable and non-refundable. All payments are final and sessions can be rescheduled based on CLIENT'S and CONSULTANT's availability.  All sessions must be used within a 12-month period.


I understand each session will be documented and in no way will CLIENT'S privacy be jeopardized.

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