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    Senior Move Management



    Are you at a point of downsizing your living arrangements but have no clue what will fit? What will look pleasing?  What favorite things can be taken?  What will make it look like home?  


    We can help you with:  


    • Space planning

    • Downsizing

    • Packing

    • Moving

    • Unpacking

    • Disbursement of unwanted items

    • Staging for real estate listings

    Roger said:  


    "My parents in Southern California were needing to downsize; and while I was able to arrange new living arrangements, I frankly could not be available (living in Florida) to determine what should be moved and what should be sold or given away.  I did not have the time nor the skills to determine what would fit in their new living arrangements. The staff at Redesigning Places 'n Spaces, served as project managers and were able to take care of all of this in addition to scheduling the move.


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