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Virtual Designing Services Testimonials



Carrie M.

I highly recommend Jacquie for all things remodeling and interior design. Exterior design too! I first enlisted her help when I was considering a major remodel. I wanted to combine 3 rooms into one large open space as a kitchen and dining area.

Using an online 3D rendering tool, Jacquie modeled ideas for the layout and decor of the space. Seeing what it could look like, to scale, was absolutely necessary for me to make the decision to go for it.  

She worked tirelessly with me for months, advising me on every aspect of this project from selecting a GC to selecting flooring, paint, architectural tile, window placement, exterior changes related to window changes, granite, you name it she helped me with it! Making such large purchases would have been more stressful than fun, but with her expert guidance and the education she freely gave me along the way, I knew I would love the end result. That peace of mind was priceless.

She was also a joy to work with. Her positive energy was contagious and her level-headed management was inspiring. She was mindful every step of the way of my budget and has the experience to know where spending more really matters and where it does not.  

Enlisting the help of a professional was the smartest thing I could have done! I love my new home and still smile and think of her every time I walk in the door. 

One last thing that might surprise you! 90% of the time we spent together was done over video calls and text! Jacquie flew in during the final stage of work to work with the GC on final touches and to make sure everything was as it should be. Virtual consulting is wonderfully convenient and efficient!

Meagan M. - Lafayette, Indiana writes...


My family moved to a beautiful newly constructed home complete with beautiful cathedral ceilings and open living spaces. Although we love our new home, the main living area is oblong in shape, very narrow and proved to be quite a challenge to arrange. After much frustration and multiple attempts to rearrange the furniture, I was truly out of options and motivation for the space…. until I reached out to Jacquie for help.


We provided Jacquie with our floor plan and pictures of our space to start the consultation. We then set up a time for Jacquie to join us in our home remotely via web video. Jacquie was able to walk us through moving our furniture to its new and permanent location and even provided additional inspiration for future decorating in the space.


Jacquie’s professionalism, efficiency and attention to detail were just the breath of fresh air that we needed in the space. Jacquie was able to see the potential in our living space that we were struggling to envision. We plan on using Jacquie’s expertise in our future projects and would highly recommend Jacquie’s remote services to anyone looking for guidance with home arrangement and interior design.

There is no such thing as a small project.

If it gives you a lift, it is HUGE!

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