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Your Home ~ Our Goal


Best of the Best Designers


... is to provide you with the greatest interior design by:


  • Refreshing your space

  • Reusing what you have

  • Blending with the new

  • Working with fixer uppers

  • Space Planning

  • Staging for VRBO's and AirBnB's


Robin says: 


"Same small rooms, more pieces of furniture and appointments and yet every room seems larger since Jacquie redesigned my place and space.  She has the ability to see things in new ways.  Her touch to any home is refreshing, stimulating and yet soothing.  It's still my home just more comfortable and efficient!  I cannot recommend Jacquie's skills enough!"                        

Roger said:  


My aging parents in Southern California were needing to downsize; and while I was able to arrange new living arrangements, I frankly could not be available (living in New York) to determine what should be moved and what should be sold or given away.  


I did not have the time nor the skills to determine what would fit in their new living arrangements.


Cheri called Jacquie in the 11th hour of packing for her down-sizing move. (She wished she had called her sooner.)  She had lived in her rented home for four years with only a few items placed on the walls.  Then, like a cloud of magic dust, her surroundings in her new much-smaller apartment were redesigned and is what Cheri said:


"Jacquie did an awesome job making my place feel like home. 

I could have saved time and money had I called her before so many of my things were packed. 


She has this innate ability to see just what is needed, what fits in and what is no longer needed. 

My former home was bigger but just a shell. 

Though I downsized, my present home is ME!


It's alive with just the right amount of color and comfort.

I highly recommend Jacquie Evans for anything large or small. 

She listens intently to what you need to make it yours!"

Tim said:  


"Jacquie just finished a remodel of our home here in the San Diego area. The design turned out perfectly!!! What a delightful person to work with! We are so pleased with the results. If you’re looking for a great designer, please do yourself a favor and call her first. Thanks again Jacquie!!!! We love our home.

Jacquie Evans, as a project manager worked hand in hand with me and was able to take care of all of this in addition to scheduling and overseeing the move, placement of furniture and so much more.  


Instead of my parents feeling displaced, they felt like they had a new home and, best yet, a home with all their familiar "comforts" they knew before.


There was no way my career would have allowed the time for me to tend to this.  


Redesigning Places 'n Spaces

saved me so much time and money.

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