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Frequently Asked Questions

Describe the most common jobs you do for your clients.

Redesigning, rearranging, organizing, decorating a room/office with items already available or selecting with the owner new items to add  pizazz to a room all within a budget - or less.  It's a facelift for a room, a home, a business - even a restaurant - see   D'Carlos Restaurant where we totally remodeled the restaurant, new signage, new website, provided training in group bookings and tourism development.

I help my downsizing clients, unpack & arrange everything to accommodate  the new  living quarters!  We make it convenient for kids living out-of-state when they can't be there. 


While the above is extremely creative, one of the most rewarding services I offer is Estate Executor Assistance when distance and/or time is an issue for documenting, selling, storing, shipping and/or distributing the belongings of an estate!





Best of the Best Designers in

Southern California


Why do you REdesign?  Why not design with a clean palette?

I do work with a clean slate when given and I enjoy working with items people already love but have, perhaps, forgotten or have seen so often in a particular spot that the item has disappeared from view.  If it's special to you why not give it a fresh look in your room and your home or office.  

How is your work different from others?

The work I create for you speaks volumes about YOU - less about the designer!  It's your home!  It's your office!

When you sit in the room I've refreshed for you, you'll know immediately it belongs to you!  I see your room and have an "Ah-hah" moment which then turns into an "Ahhhh-mazing" moment for you!




How would I benefit from your organizational skills at my office?

The day-to-day activities of executives move quickly and often without time to organize tasks, paperwork or archiving.  Without the proper time and skills to see things clearly and prioritize, papers pile up in your work area, stacks begin to form on the floor and all of a sudden you begin to see only a spotted path to your chair  as projects are forgotten and appointments missed.

If all of the above is painfully familiar, you will find MY job of organizing your office just what you need to do YOUR job.

What surprises your customers about your services?

That an aesthetically appealing business or beautiful home does not have to cost an arm nor a leg!

That our assistance in project management is stellar!

That downsizing can be comfortable and personal!

That an uncluttered office REALLY IS more productive!

That excellent organizational skills CAN be developed with time & training!

That life is so much better and easier after our services have been provided!


Lastly, the outstanding EXPERIENCE offered to you!


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